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Do you wish to sell and have exquisite antique jewelry or perhaps a simple gold bracelet, we buy most kind of jewelry.

We are also interested in gold coins, gold bars, scrap gold, dental gold, gold watches, older Rolex and Patek Philippe watches and more.

We pay better than other companies, pawnshops and auction houses.
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Are you considering selling your items at auction?
Then we want to inform you that you pay a lot of unnecessary fees
Here are some points:
– Sales commission about 15%
– Insurance fee approximately 1.25-1.50%
– Photo fee approx. 250kr – 600kr / item

– Long waiting time until payment is made (the item must be submitted before the auction is held for about 1.5-3 months. Once the item has been sold, it will take another 30 days for payment to be made)

Yes, you simply get better paid when you sell your jewelry and gold to us, no waiting time until payment is made, no surcharges, in short, a smoother deal.

Welcome to contact us at Nybro Antik & Juveler AB.